The Night Watch


A fight, a separation and a descent into hell.


A fancy party in a mansion. On the way back to the car, an argument causes a brutal accident. While George gradually regains consciousness, Christina has disappeared. George is going to live a real descent into hell and find himself facing his own demons…

International awards

Outstanding Work Award
Taichung International Animation Festival (Taiwan)
Best Short Award
Französische Filmtage Tübingen (Germany)
Prix Réseau Médiation Cinéma
Festival du film court de Villeurbanne (France)
Special Mention
Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece)
Public Award
Animocje, Bydgoszcz (Poland)
Jury Mention
Anima, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Horror Award
Indy Film Fest, Indianapolis (USA)
Best score
Zabut Festival, Santa Teresa di Riva (Italy)



The very immersive atmosphere and the sustained rhythm of the animation, with lots of movement and control from the first to the last second, provoke various sensory sensations in the audience.


In Christina’s intriguing looks, there is a hint of revenge, but also of recklessness. Julien Regnard deliberately leaves this in a grey area for this 2D black and white film. It is precisely these nuances that make ‘Ronde de nuit’ a remarkable plot

[ENG] Animation

The film gives us an immersive experience, realized by its beautiful presentation with psychedelic music, highly captivating and immersive worldbuilding, effective camera work, and black-and-white 2d animation that evokes the nostalgia of classic horror films”

More than 50 selections included

Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (Portugal)
Bucheon International Animation Festival (South Korea)
Message to Man, Saint-Petersbourg (Russia)
Etrange festival Paris (France)
Festival international de court métrage (Rio de Janeiro)
San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain)
Monstra Lisboa Animation Festival (Portugal)
Festival international du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Anilogue International Animation festival, Budapest (Hungary)
Kaboom Animation Festival, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Tokyo Anime Award Festival (Japan)
Festival national du film d’animation, Rennes (France)
Animafest, Zagreb (Croatia)
Mecal Pro, Barcelone (Spain)
Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium)
Festival International de Films Fantasia, Montréal (Canada)
Supertoon, Šibenik (Croatia)
Animatou, Genève (Switzerland)

With the support of

Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles
Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée
Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
France Televisions
Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Département de la Charente

  • Screenplay and director:

    Julien Regnard

  • Director's assistant:

    Pascal Giraud

  • Production:

    Squarefish – Valentin Grégoire

  • Coproduction and distribution:

    Autour de Minuit – Nicolas Schmerkin

  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio
  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio
  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio
  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio
  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio
  • Ronde de nuit | Squarefish animation studio