Raid on the Amazon

In production – 52 minutes

A film about the multinationals using peoples as pawns.


Once a month, Ronaldo, who gathers nuts for a living, leaves his ecological reserve to go to Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state in Brazil. Accompanying him on his journey along the Amazon River and showing the different people he meets on his way, the film reflects the growing awareness of a recent phenomenon: exploitation of local peoples by multinationals.

Raid on the Amazon gives a mouthpiece to scientists and intellectuals of the Amazon to understand how, with the complicity of NGOs, international businesses are manipulating environmental policies to generate profits while continuing to pollute with impunity.

Neon Rouge Production

  • Direction:

    Marie-Martine Buckens

  • Production:

    Néon Rouge (Aurélien Bodinaux)

  • Graphics and Animation:


  • Raid on the Amazon
  • Raid on the Amazon
  • Raid on the Amazon
  • Raid on the Amazon