Pandas in the mist

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There are only 1600 pandas left. They'll try anything, really anything, to survive. An animated series adapted from the comics of Tignous.

The birth of the Panda Tribe

Tignous himself initiated the adaptation of his comics “Pandas in the Mist” as soon as 2008. The comics, published in the “Echos de la Savane”, are developed with the series in mind. Thierry Garance and Juan Rodriguez are on the starting blocks, ready to create the animated series. The friendship between these 3 and François Rollin makes it possible to create a scripted universe for the television series.

End 2014, evrything is ready… After the tragic death of Tignous during the Charlie Hebdo attack, The directors, with the complicity of Chloé Verlhac, wife of the deceased satirist, did all they could to make the dream come true. The tribe assembles, along with the Charlie Hebdo team, Tryo for the music and the actors. “The drawings are scanned to respect Tignous’ style” explains director Thierry Garance.

And this is how the Panda tribe planted the first animated bamboos. Soon, more are expected to grow…


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2nd Best Prize  “Best Animated/Comedy Short Film, North Bay Art and Film Festival, for the episode “Dépliant”

  • Directing:

    Thierry Garance and Juan Rodriguez

  • Scenario and dialogues:

    François Rollin, François Morel, Charline Vanhoenecker and Guillaume Meurice

  • Layout and animation:


  • Voice artists:

    François ROLLIN, Sofia ARAM, Vincent DEDIENNE, Mélodie ORRU, Thomas


  • Music:


  • Production:

    Melting Prod

  • Co-production:

    Bip TV, LCP Assemblée Nationale, Vivi Films, Squarefish

  • With the participation of:

    CNC, TV5Monde, France Télévisions

  • With the help of:

    Ciclic, Procirep/Angoa, SACD 2.0,

  • Pandas Dans La Brume - Sé&rie animé dans les studios de Squarefish - Still de la saison 2
  • Pandas Dans La Brume - Still de la saison - série animée par squarefish studio
  • Pandas Dans La Brume - Still de la saison - série animée par squarefish studio
  • Pandas Dans La Brume - Série animée dans les studios de Squarefish - extrait de la saison 2
  • Pandas-Dans-La-Brume-Still-de-la-saison-2