Magellan’s Extroardinay Odyssey


Four-part documentary series directed by François de Riberolles

The fabulous story of the greatest maritime exploit of all time

We all know the name Magellan but his exploits have been forgotten because Magellan is a cursed hero… a Portuguese in the service of Spain… a traitor who never returned from his senseless expedition. Yet he was the one who realised Columbus’ dream, and his journey was far longer and more terrifying than Columbus’. This is the story of the greatest maritime exploit of all time, the story of an extraordinary adventure that took 237 sailors to discover new lands, a new ocean, new peoples and a new world. This is the story of the very first circumnavigation of the globe by sea.

The first circumnavigation in history told in detail! Thanks in particular to the chronicle of the expedition written by the Italian Antonio Pigafetta, who was one of the 18 survivors who circumnavigated the globe in 1522 – out of the 237 men who set out from Seville in 1519 -, François Riberolles (L’ivresse des profondeurs) retraces the course of a maritime exploit worthy of the greatest adventure novels: Three years of navigation on the seas during which plots, setbacks, dramas but also encounters with the peoples of America, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean followed one another. In four parts, illustrated with spectacular aerial images shot around the world in Magellan’s footsteps and superb graphic animations, a fascinating documentary series, documented by historians and sailors.


Arte VOD

  • Screenplay and Direction:

    Francois de Riberolles

  • Production:

    ARTE France, Camera Lucida, Minima Films, Belgica Films, Serena Productions

  • Art Direction:

    Franck Sarfati

  • Title design and maps animation:


  • Magellan | Squarefish motion design studio
  • Magellan | Squarefish motion design studio
  • Magellan | Squarefish motion design studio