Macadam Valley

In development 26x5'30

Welcome to Macadam Valley, the capital city of black humor and absurdity !


“Macadam Valley” is a black and white animation series that relates the misadventures of a fictional city populated by picturesque and cheeky citizens. Macadam Valley is the city of all possibilities, even the worst. Under their “little man” look, its people smash social conventions, common sense and family values… In short they ruin the foundations of the trendy and so-called “living together” philosophy. From Professor Schnött, which is better known for his psychotic fads than for his university curriculum to the zealous sheriff who is ready to put a 5 years old orphan behind bars, Macadam Valley appears to have been founded by a delirious architect and accommodate individuals too mad to be treated by traditional psychiatry.

En pitch

Cartoon Forum 2016


  • Author and scenarist:

    Ben Dessy

  • Production:

    Narrativ Nation

  • Animation:


  • Macadam Valley
  • Macadam Valley
  • Macadam Valley
  • Macadam Valley