Léa & Jéré

In development

Léa and Jéré know that it is strictly forbidden to leave the village ... And yet they do it all the time!


What can push Lea to take her little brother on his adventures? He’s scared, he does not dare to disobey … And why does he follow his older sister when he hates his superior looks and his daring side? All this is because of an “unfortunate incident”, a “little stupidity” Jeremy who resulted in the transformation of Leah … little worm 15 centimeters! To understand how it could have happened, you must first know the Village.

In a huge cave, a hundred humans live reclusive from the outside where there is a landfill as far as the eye can see: the remains of the ancient civilization. The old witch who lives in the galleries adjoining the cave, who is in fact a security guard, thanks to her Guardians-Moles, prevents anyone from going out. And as life in the cave is comfortable, it does not bother anyone … except Leah! During an expedition led by the eldest, Jeremy unleashed a strange machine that turned Leah into a worm. Impossible to re-transform it into human! The two zigotos had to believe in a food poisoning and their lie was supported by … The old galleries ?! Weird, weird …

Now when Lea wants to go out, Jeremy must follow her: a little worm as she would never survive then … it would still be good that they find a cure to make him look human!

  • Original Idea:

    John-John Mossoux

  • Graphic Author:

    Andres Hertsens

  • Literary Author:

    Xavier Vairé

  • Production:


  • With The Support Of:

    Ouftivi – RTBF – FWB

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