Crystal Tales

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Leah and Jeremy know that it is strictly forbidden to leave the village ... And yet they do it all the time!


It’s not easy to find your disappeared parents in this great shambles that has become of Earth in 2205! Especially when it is strictly forbidden to leave your village!

To brave such a ban, you must be courageous, bold, and have a rebellious spirit! Luckily Leah (10) is all of those things, and much more! Especially considering the fact that on her first adventure outside, a machine turned her into a 15cm worm! As a result Leah has developed a healthy ability to see the comical side of her worminess, and to have fun with the new look… and besides, it is pretty cool that she can use her size to sneak past the villagers.

The small physical change hasn’t quenched Leah’s thirst for adventure. Far from it! Because Leah is not only looking for her old human form, she is on the trail of her lost parents. Fortunately Leah can count on her little brother, Jeremy (9) to help her on her dual quests… even if he can be a bit cowardly and almost never agrees with her.

Pitching sessions

September 2019 – Cartoon Forum – Toulouse FR
January 2020 – Anima Festival – Brussels BE
May 2020 – FMX Production Days – Stuttgart GER

  • Original Idea:

    John-John Mossoux

  • Graphic Author:

    Andres Hertsens

  • Literary Author:

    Xavier Vairé

  • Production:


  • With The Support Of:

    RTBF – Federation Wallonie Bruxelles

  • Crystal Tales - Squarefish animation studio
  • Crystal Tales - Squarefish animation studio
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