La minute vielle belge


Our grandmas favorites!


For the summer of 2021, the jokes of our favorite grannies will be in the colors of Belgium, with female storytellers from our country.

Next year, Arte will set its cameras in Brussels for the shooting of a new collection “La Minute vieille“. A seventh season entirely in the colors of Belgium since Fabrice Maruca, the director, will begin a casting to find female storytellers from our flat country. And in the decor, the presence of the Atomium or the Manneken Pis are not excluded…

A new salvo of jokes in a catalog already well supplied. “I have shot 200 jokes. Until now, I thought I was at the end of the line, but no, I found 30 that we can use in Brussels,” says the director who will not hesitate to leave a little of our accents in the tirades of Belgian grannies.

Fabrice Maruca hopes to find some guests for the Belgian season. It is necessary that the possible people have more than 70 years and that they are known on both sides of the border. Not easy.

While waiting to enjoy “Les Minutes vieilles” black-yellow-red, it is a “best of” season that will be broadcast, from this Monday at 20:50, and all summer, on Arte.

  • Director:

    Fabrice Maruca

  • Actresses:

    Nicole Valberg, Janine Godinas, Nicole Shirer et Viviane de Muynck.

  • Broadcast:

    Arte, RTBF

  • Title design:


  • La minute vielle belge
  • La minute vielle belge