Kinshasa Mboka Té

Completed – 52 minutes

A extraordinary city, beyond the imaginable.


Kinshasa mboka té… A city that is extraordinary beyond the imaginable. It is a paradox and a spectacle, sometimes completely disjointed, with an approach to life and survival that reinvents itself each day. Just when you think you’ve tamed it, it reacts in a way that is completely unpredictable. People there are solid as rock yet fragile as crystal. Kinshasa mboka té… A city or not a city? A place where order and disorder overlap. Life there is a crazy race. You have to remain alert and never sleep. Kinshasa belongs to no one, yet, at the same time, to everyone. It is all smoke and mirrors; what people experience there can never be experienced anywhere else – it’s a total vibration. Each person gives it a particular colour, an interpretation. Kinshasa mboka té… “Kinshasa mboka té” = Kinshasa, one hell of a land.

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  • Trophées Francophones du Cinéma – Paris – France
  • Festival International des Films de la Diaspora Africaine – Paris
  • Hayak National Cinema Awards – Yerevan – Armenia
  • Afrika Film Festival – Leuven – Belgium
  • African Diaspora International Film Festival – New York
  • Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival – Chicago
  • Festival International du Film Francophone – Namur – Belgium
  • The Montreal World Film Festival – Montreal – Canada
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival – Zanzibar – Tanzania
  • Festival Ciné Droit Libre – Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso
  • A Film for Peace International Festival – Gorizia – Italy
  • Cine Pobre Film Festival – La Paz – Mexico
  • Millenium International Documentary Film Festival – Brussels


  • Canvas – 21/09/2014
  • Eén – 21/09/2014
  • Directors:

    Douglas Ntimasiemi, Raffi Aghekian

  • Production:

    Sens Uniek

  • Calibration and Compositing:


  • Assistant Director:

    Georges Kabongo

  • Images:

    Jacques Gere, Douglas Ntimasiemi, Olivier Jourdain

  • Editing:

    Olivier Jourdain

  • Production Advisor:

    Carin Leclercq

  • Sound Mixing:

    Julien Vizzini

  • Kinshasa Mboka Té
  • Kinshasa Mboka Té
  • Kinshasa Mboka Té
  • Kinshasa Mboka Té
  • Kinshasa Mboka Té