Bitmuch News

Broadcasting 25x4'

Racy reportage, micro sidewalk, weather


Bitmuch News is the second season of the Bitmuch series.

In this new season, Serge Berthier, CEO of Bitmuch, a multinational company specialized in the sale of… everything that is saleable! has made the acquisition of a continuous information TV channel: Bitmuch News

Reporters, micro trotters, weather, Bitmuch News network is a distorted and satirical summary of the continuous TV channels.

  • Author, director:

    Sébastien Buffi

  • Design:

    Thomas Vuillier

  • Producer:

    Florent Guimberteau, Melting Prod

  • Co producer:

    Valentin Grégoire, Squarefish

  • Broadcaster:

    FranceTV Slash

  • Bitmuch News | Squarefish animation studio