Ante Chris

S01 - 15x2' | S02 - 14x2'

More evil than Damien, more bitter than Carrie, crueller than Chucky, gorier than Dexter... Basically, don't pinch his lunch!


He’s more evil than Damien, more bitter than Carrie, crueller than Chucky and gorier than Dexter. But Chris is mainly just an orphan. Like most of the boarders at Saint-Molard de Mimolette, he doesn’t know where he’s from or who his parents are. Sister Marceline, the head of the establishment, is convinced that he’s the son of Satan. What if she’s right? Chris is sometimes cruel and extreme towards his fellow orphans, but he’s still a nice kid. After all, the devil himself can come across as endearing… But if you don’t want any trouble, don’t pinch his lunch!

With the support of the French Community of Belgium

Pitching stage

Le labo du Pôle Media Grand Paris

Cross Video Days, Paris

Cartoon 360, Barcelone

Web Program Festival, Paris

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  • Character design:


  • Production:

    Valentin Grégoire

  • Directors:

    Bruno Chaix

  • Broadcasted:

    RTBF – Tipik

  • With the support of:

    Federation Wallonie Bruxelles,

  • Ante Chris
  • Ante Chris
  • Ante Chris