The bottom of the Wesphael affair


“Suspicions” is an investigative series broadcast on Netflix and RTL-TVi of six 40-minute episodes. It traces the fall of Bernard Wesphael, this former Belgian MP accused of the assassination of his wife Véronique Pirotton in a hotel room in Ostend.

  • Created by:

    Pascal Vrebos, Georges Huercano

  • Production:

    AT-Prod – Arnauld de Battice

  • Co-Production:

    RTL TVi

  • Broadcatsers:

    Netflix, RTL-TVi

  • Written by:

    Yann le Gal

  • Director:

    Alain Brunard

  • Title design and VFX:


  • Suspicions
  • Suspicions
  • Suspicions