A dinosaur body, a boil of pig and dreams full of the head ... It's Dinono!

A riotous universe

Do you know what Maya the Bee, Gumball, Peppa Pig, Oscar & Malika do once the episodes are over? They return to Miroboland, a parallel world sheltering their bizarre homes and siphoned families. The toons lead an existence like you and me. They mow the lawn at the weekend, ride to drop off their toddlers, surf the intertoon, pile up at the supermarket to fill their fridge with cocotoon juice or sweat in gyms. Except that no fairy reconverted into a waitress, no mummy stashed behind her wicket, no masked avenger assigned to the traffic will be surprised to see a piano fall from the fifth floor, a flying saucer causing a traffic jam or a diplodocus bomb to the public pool ! This crazy world is home to the legendary studio Maximax, a huge dream factory whose pipes catapult our screens all the cartoons of the world. Do not wait any longer and discover everything you wanted to know about behind the scenes of the cartoon without daring to ask!

pitch selection

September 2020 – Cartoon Forum – Toulouse FR

  • Production:

    Florent Guimberteau (Melting Prod)

  • Co-Production:

    Valentin Grégoire (Squarefish)

  • Author:

    Franck Soullard

  • Graphic author:

    David Maingault

  • Director:

    Patrice Musson

  • With the help of:

    CNC -Procirep – RTBF

  • Dinono | Co-produit par Squarefish
  • Dinono | Co-produit par Squarefish
  • Dinono | Co-produit par Squarefish