The Night Watch

A fight, a separation and a descent into hell.

The Voice Over

The epic fight between a protagonist and its author.

An animated short film made in residency at Squarefish, in just one month!

The Best Way…

On the site "", Eva B., Barbie Turick, Dark Boy and Odin, are looking for the best way to end their life once and for all ... without pain!


Yes, we are in a state of emergency... But the real question is: did Samy have sex the other night - or did he not ?!


An Inuit boy wanders far from his village, enthralled by a wild bird.

Mort d’une ombre

This story of a deceased soldier who collects the shadows of dead people for the chance to come back to life was nominated for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

Croissant Show

Will our delivery man make it in time for Cartoon Forum?

Squarefish Ultra Shorts

It's like a playground for the Squarefish R&D lab.