All Wrong

All Wrong is a series by Black Pills, and available worldwide.
"Life's a "ball" for Carlos: his restaurant is going under, he is secretly in love with his buddy's girlfriend and, to top it all off, he finds out that his dick... tastes funny."

Pandas in the mist

Pandas in the mist is a cartoon made on a basis of the cartoon from Tignous, published by Glénat.

Ante Chris

More evil than Damien, more bitter than Carrie, crueller than Chucky, gorier than Dexter... Basically, don't pinch his lunch!

Macadam Valley

Welcome to Macadam Valley, the capital city of black humor and absurdity !


The oueille is a peaceful animal, a sheep, that has been reared throughout the world for millennia.


In less than three minutes, find out what really goes on in Brussels.