About us

Squarefish, creative animation producers.

Squarefish is an animation studio with more than 10 years of experience in the field of motion design and audiovisual production. With offices in Brussels and Paris, we consider ourselves as a European company. We have 2 main activities : motion and production. In the motion side, we are producing short films for internal and external communication of NGOs, regional / local institutions and European bodies like the Parliament and the Commission. We also work extensively with startups and communication agencies.

In the production side, we are service providers as well as producers. As service providers, we are focused on 2d 3d animation, on feature or TV series, but also documentaries, for post production or title design. As producers, we focus on teen/adult projects, but we have some kids programmes, especially 8-10 years old. We can also co-produce, and we meet all the criteria for Tax Shelter, as beneficiaries or producers.

We do:

  • creative concept

  • storyboarding

  • graphic development

  • 2D & 3D animation

  • motion design

  • compositing

  • production

The team

  • bruno chaix squarefish co-funder

    Bruno Chaix


  • christopher baldo cittadini co-founder

    Christopher Cittadini


  • valentin grégoire co-founder

    Valentin Grégoire


  • Julie Hoyas illustratrice

    Julie Hoyas

    DA & Illustrator

  • Max Juette


  • Alexis Fradier

    Project Manager

  • Tom Delmarcel

    Motion Deginer

  • Laura Mortier

    Project & Communication Manager

  • Clément Castel

    Motion Designer