About us

Squarefish, a creative production & animation studio.

We are a dynamic, forward-thinking production company and animation studio based in Brussels and Paris, with a roster of exciting clients including communication agencies, institutions and production companies both in Belgium and abroad. We are specialists in 2D/3D audiovisual production and motion design for cinema, television, and social media.

We also work extensively with museums and exhibition spaces. Squarefish can swim in any environment, ready to adapt to any production needs, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation and special effects. Our friendly team can do it all, even set a full co-production up by wrapping up budgets. Why not drop by for a coffee so we can discuss your projects and discover what we can achieve together. See you soon!

We do:

  • creative concept

  • storyboarding

  • graphic development

  • 2D & 3D animation

  • motion design

  • compositing

  • production

The team

  • bruno chaix squarefish co-funder

    Bruno Chaix


  • christopher baldo cittadini co-founder

    Christopher Cittadini


  • valentin grégoire co-founder

    Valentin Grégoire


  • chloe chapel animatrice

    Chloë Chapel

    Motion Designer

  • Julie Hoyas illustratrice

    Julie Hoyas

    Illustrator / DA

  • Max Juette


  • Alexis Fradier

    Project Manager

  • Anaïs Guigue

    Motion Designer